Mod - Media on demand

Colin & Jennifer Pett

Co-owners - Local media business, operating & evolving since 2005


It all started when…

Colin had a video camera with him while he was 25 and backpacking around America as a young man. A music lover and huge Bob Dylan / Bruce Springsteen / Buddy Holley fan, Col has an affinity for finding the perfect background music for any promotional film... it's a gift. He is a self proclaimed "Teckie" and never tires of learning all about the new camera equipment, sound gear, editing suites & all things film/photography production. Personally, he is a keen mountain-biker, inspired photographer, action movie addict, trained chef and loves camping + hanging out with his family. Born in London England, then moved to Lingwood, just outside Norwich. Colin has been in Australia for over 25 years now, loving Tropical North Queensland. You will often see Colin out filming on location, editing for hours/days on end and has a new passion for social media and how it is changing the world of advertising.


Jenn grew up in sunny Florida  and has a background in hospitality, tourism, training & development. During her last year @ the Outback Steakhouse, she was very involved with Hospitatlity television and found a way to "get the message out" in a fun and educational way. She is passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle, eating a plant based diet, growing organic food/gardening, loves spending time with her family & contributing to her local community. Supporting local small business is very important to her and if the business/person has a ethical/sustainable message, she really gets behind it. Jenn does it all in the mod business; cheif bean counter, social media coach, film maker, directing, editing, community engagement coordinator and anything else that comes along.